Flux Pumps Corporation is the recognized leader in drum and container transfer pump technology.

All Flux products are designed and manufactured to exact specifications. Flux pumps are produced for a number of industries that include (but are not limited to) chemicals, oils, foodstuff, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals. Sanitary pumps carry the 3A symbol and are produced with materials that are recognized as safe by the FDA.

Throughout their long history, Flux pumps has been recognized for their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Flux pumps goal is to continually develop innovations for our industry and maintain the high level of customer service that we provide.

Flux Pumps,Flux,Barrel,Container,PumpsPump Kits
Acids and alkalis
for transferring acids and alkalis like boric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and liquid fertilizers.

Flux Pumps,Flux,Barrel,Container,PumpsJUNIORFLUX
The light-weight solution for dispensing small amounts of liquids out of narrow-necked containers

Flux Pumps,Flux,Barrel,Container,PumpsBarrel and Container Pumps
For transferring all different kind of low viscosity liquids

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsEccentric Worm-Drive Pumps
For low to high viscosity, even pasty products - also if these do not flow anymore

Flux Pumps,Flux,Barrel,Container,PumpsSanitary Pumps 3A
Meeting the highest requirements in pharmaceutical, cosmetic
and food industries

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsVertical Centrifugal Immersion Pumps
With delivery rates up to
325 GPM and immersion lengths of up to 4000 mm for use in various industries

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsAdBlue®/DEF Pump Systems
For the optimum and safe delivery of AdBlue®/DEF

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsLiquid Meters
For manual, automatic or computerized dispensing operations of differing liquids

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsMixers
For mixing, dissolving,
stirring and diluting low to medium viscosity liquids

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsAccessories
Only the right accessories make the pump a perfect equipment

flux, transfer, pumps, barrel pumps, pumpsFor use in
hazardous areas

FLUX drive motors, pumps and accessesories for use in hazardous areas